Sep 5, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

I went to my wife's family reunion in the-middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania, this weekend, so I set my DVR to tape all the Yankee games. But when I got home tonight, Friday and Saturday's games had already been erased, apparently by the 3 college football games I also taped. My DVR is confusing and doesn't tell me in a simple way how much space is left. It's very disappointing. I had only seen highlights and I wanted to see the full games, especially Arod's emergence, the Ernesto Saturday game, and Jeff Karstens' best outing to date. Damn... I'll never see those full games... :(

Seeing as how I hand out grades for every game, it will prove difficult for the two games I missed. I'm not going to just rehash the AP recap to summarize the games, so I'll just refrain from it all together.

My birthday is coming soon, and my in-laws got me some great gifts: the Bill & Ted movie collection, a hoody sweatshirt, and a Mattingly 23 t-shirt.

The Sunday and Monday game recaps will be arriving tomorrow.

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