Sep 1, 2006

Arod Comes Alive

And snaps out of his slump. It looked like he was going to yesterday when he smashed a ball to right-center (only for it to be caught). It started with a 2-out, bloop rbi single, and continued with a double (off an inside fastball!) and then a solo HR. He was a triple from the cycle. If Arod starts to hit, be warned opponents, you will be facing the greatest offense in baseball.

Arod's hits meant something today because Randy pitched another solid game. The last two games he's gone 8+ inning with exactly 4 runs. Is that his MO now? He gave up all 4 runs today on HRs: two solo shots, and a 2-run shot. Unfortunately he couldn't close out the game, and Rivera had to be used.

The turning point was Abreu's bases-full single, which gave the Yanks a lead they wouldn't relinquish. It's great to win when our best rbi man (Giambi) gets a rest.

6-4 Yanks

3*: Arod, 3-4, 2b, 2 r, 2 rbi, HR, sb
2*: Randy, 8 ip, 4 er, 4 h, 1 bb, 8 k
1: Abreu, 2-5, 2b, r, 2 rbi
1: Damon, 3-5, r, sb
1: Jeter, 1-2, 3 bb, sb

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