Aug 31, 2006

I Left Halfway Through...

...tonight's game, due to a severe stomach ache. But I'm kind of glad I didn't stay now, what with the heart-wrenching ending...

A couple fans around me said some interesting things about Arod. When he first came up, he received a warm reception, to which the guy next to me said, 'Have these people been watching the same guy that I've been the past 3 weeks?' and after he popped out, a guy behind me described him as a 'delicate little butterfly.' Anyway, he went 0-4. But hey, he did have an rbi groundout!

Those damn walks. Oh, how I wanted Proctor to get his first career save. The scouts are catching on to Proctor's MO of throwing a slider for strike 1 (which he did in his .1 ip in game 1), because Monroe jumped all over it. Detroit's lucky to have this one. If Rivera comes in, it's over. If Kyle comes in, it's (probably) over - he's been a closer before. It's tough to get on Proctor, because he leads baseball in appearances, and has been so good most of the year. Chalk this up as one of his (few) poor outings.

How clutch is Jeter, hitting that 2-run, game-tying double down the line? Too bad it was wasted. I didn't think so earlier this season, but he has a legitimate shot at the MVP now. When was the last time a 'table-setter' type won the MVP? (I looked it up: Ichiro, 2001.) And look at our boy, Jaret. Going beyond 6 innings for the first time year. Congrats!

5-3 Detroit, but the impact was lessened by the game 1 win and Boston's 7-2 loss.

2*: Wright, 6.1 ip, 2 er
1: Jeter, 1-3, 2b, r, 2 rbi, sb

Phil Hughes' line: 5 ip, 2 h, 0 bb, 5 k. It's exciting, thinking he could be the ace of the staff in a few years. We'll probably see his ML debut next season. I predict Mussina or Randy or Jaret will pull something mid-May, prompting the Yanks to promote either Clippard or Hughes. Stay tuned...

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