Aug 17, 2006


How embarrassing today. The O's just get swept by Boston and they come in here and take 2 of 3?! Wright didn't have the magic today, and all those runners he routinely puts on finally came back to hurt him. Mostly he's been able to strand them. You couldn't pick a worse time for a starter to last only 3 innings - going into a 5 game, 4 day stretch against Boston.

Here I was after Cano's HR thinking it might be an easy win, but not so. The turning point was Jay Gibbons 2-out, 2-run single to make it 4-2. There was also Abreu lining out to center with the bases full and 2-out. :( But the humiliation really set in when Jeter & Arod both tried to take a pop-up and neither did. The error was rightfully charged (later) to Jeter who hit Arod's glove as he was about to catch it.

The only positives to take are that Damon's hot, Mike Myers pitched well, and newcomer Brian Bruney also pitched well. The Yanks also tend to play great after they get hammered.

12-2 O's

2*: Damon, 3-4, HR, 1 2b
1: Myers, 2.1 ip, 0 er, 3 k
1: Bruney, 1 ip, 0 r, 3 k

Wang really needs to win game 1 tomorrow, because Ponson is going in game 2, which means an automatic 4-5 runs he'll allow. Unfortunately, Wang's ERA is more than double on the road, and he gave up 13 hits, and 4 er in 5 ip his last outing (at home).

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