Aug 16, 2006

Adam Loewen?

A 1-hit shutout by a rookie with seemingly average stuff? Of course, several balls were hit well but caught. Just one of those days... Mussina wasn't his usual great self, but I'd rather lose 5-0 than 1-0. He just had some control issues, which is very abnormal for him.

Boston lost too fortunately. I was in Framingham, Mass for the weekend (visiting relatives) and watched Saturday night's game with them. It was 5-2 Tampa Bay, then Ramirez hit a 2-run shot. That scared me. When Boston is within a run, they have a good chance of coming back. However, Craig Hansen entered and promptly allowed 3 runs. :) As bad as TB is, they can definitely hit. My relatives kept complaining how Boston could never beat TB. Anyway, Ortiz drove in a run in the top if the 9th, making it 8-5 (which was followed by my cousin complaining about how if Hansen could pitch, it'd be a tie game). They loaded the bases (on some very questionable balls called) and Javy Lopez came in to pinch hit with 1 out. My cousin predicted he would ground into a DP and break his heart again. I wasn't so sure. But he did, to mine & my wife's delight.

To pick stars from the Yanks game is tough, but here goes:

5-0 O's.

1*: Abreu (for the hit) & Veras (for 2 scorless innings; his first in the bigs)

Monday August 7, 2006 - 05:32pm (EDT)

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