Aug 21, 2006

Saratoga Race Track

On Sunday, we went to Saratoga Race Track to bet on some horses. It cost $6 to park, $3 to get in, then we bought reserved seating in the grandstand for $8, the program for $2, and we were ready. We did NOT have a lucky day there. We stayed through the first 8 races, and didnt pick one winner. The closest we came was when my wife picked a horse to place and it won - so we won something, but not as much as picking it to win. Anyway, we probably placed about $40 of bets total, and won back $15, making it a loss of $25 on the day. :( The people sitting in front of us did great; the wife was up $60, and the husband was up $500 when we left. They were already planning a nice dinner out. We never gamble hoping to win money; we only do it for fun and entertainment, so in that sense, we had a good time. But next time, we gotta remember to bring a cooler of food & beer. It was $12 at the track for a sausage & a beer!

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