Aug 21, 2006

Jason Goes Off Tonight

Another great win for the Yanks! It feels awesome. I would've been content just winning 2 of 5 this weekend, but we now have a chance to sweep, with eternally 'chubbulent' David Wells, owner of a 6 era going tomorrow.

Giambi had 5 rbi tonight, as many as the whole Boston lineup. And he almost hit a Slam off Papelbon, but got jammed slightly; it was still enough for a sac fly. I thought the rbi single off Proctor making it 5-3 would come back to haunt us - I hate when our pitchers get to 0-2, and then throw a hittable pitch. Luckily it didnt, as Melky keyed the 9th inning comeback with a leadoff hustle double. And how clutch has Jeter been this series, the 3-run double off Timlin, then tonight the game-tying single?!

Is Papelbon as good as his numbers, or is the league finally catching up to him? I hope the latter. Rivera should've had an easier 9th inning, but Giambi was handcuffed by a bad hop, and Youkilis laid down a poor bunt. Brining in Hinske scared me, but Rivera came through, getting the K on 4 pitches.

Posada's 10th inning blast just sealed it, and Hansen has been getting his ass kicked recently. Wow! Just an awesome win.

8-5 Yanks

3*: Giambi, 3-4, 5 rbi, 2 HR, 1 2b
2*: Rivera, 2 ip, 0 r
1: Jeter, 2-4, 1 r, 1 rbi, game-tying 1b
1: Abreu, 2-4, 1 bb, 1 r

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