Aug 21, 2006

And Out Come The Brooms

I know I said 'Wow!' last night, but Wow! I never imagined the Yanks would win 5 straight in Boston! Like I said, I would've been content with 2 wins, happy with 3, overjoyed with 4, and ecstatic with 5. I was only hoping that if Boston DID win today, that it wouldn't be in some dramatic fashion. 8-3 would've been better than 3-2. And I thought Torre was making a mistake by not even warming Mariano, but Farnsworth did the job. Thank goodness Cano caught that liner to end the game, because watching Ortiz represent the winning-run in the 9th against Kyle would have likely stopped my heart.

Who knew Nick Green of all people would score the eventual winning run? And that Cory Lidle would pitch a gem, the best outing by a starter in the whole series?

For an MVP of the series, it's tough to say. I wanna say Boston pitching, but disregarding that, I'll go with Johnny Damon. He got us off to a great start, played solid defense, and generally punished his old team. It was everything Coco Crisp didnt do. Honorable mentions to Abreu, Giambi, Melky, Jeter & Proctor.

2-1 Yanks

3*: Lidle, 6 ip, 0 r
2: Abreu, 1-3, bb, 2b, rbi
1: Melky, 1-3, r, sb
1: Farnsworth, 1 perfect ip, save

Now I look forward to watching 23-year-old Jeff Karstens go tomorrow night after Mussina is out with a groiner, pushing Wright into his spot.

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