Aug 24, 2006

Wonderful Wang

If the ump didn't blow that call on Robbie Cano's fine play in the 7th, Wang would've pitched 7 shutout innings on only about 80 pitches! As it was, he gave up 2 runs on an infield single and a blooper. He had his A stuff tonight, and it seemed like he threw strike 1 every time. No walks and 5 Ks. 57 strikes, and he only threw 90 pitches. Of course, the aggressive Seattle hitters helped him out some, but it was mostly just great stuff by Wang.

Great to see all those 2-out rbi; 5 in total.

Jeter has really been slumping lately. Hitting only .242 the last week & .258 this month. Fortunately, he had 2 huge hits in Boston. Are you listening Arod? Even if you're not hitting well, you'll be forgiven for clutch hits.

King Felix got hammered: 3.2 ip, 7 er! Maybe the 'King' prefix should be removed for now. He's only 20, and he clearly has control issues. In reality, he should probably still be in AAA. You could see the dominating potential in the 3rd, when he k'ed Giambi & Posada. But he is wildly inconsistent. If he can master his control, he will be dominant.

A good win for the Yanks, 9-2.

3*: Wang, 7 ip, 2 er, 0 bb, 5 k
2: Cano, 2-4, 2b, r, 3 rbi, bb
1: Abreu, 2-4, 2b, 3 r, 2 bb
1: Posada, 1-3, 2 rbi, bb
1: Damon, 2-6, r, 2 rbi


LoBuGo said...

Nice Blog! Love the stats...
Keep it coming!

Travis G. said...

Thank you. I'll certainly try. :)