Aug 16, 2006

I was right, who knew...

... i'd be. Beckett DID get bombed tonight. 6 ip, 3 HR, 7 er. He added to his ML leading HR allowed total and is up to 31 now! Some 'experts' (on ESPN) picked him to win the AL Cy Young. I was afraid Cleveland would bring in Carmona in the 9th again, but Eric Wedge went with Jason Davis, who had to face Ortiz, Ramirez & Mirabelli to end the game. But there was no magic in Boston tonight as he shut the door.

What a performance by Jake Westbrook. The most hits allowed by a winning pitcher (15) since 1988. He got hit early, but Wedge was so disgusted with his pen from the last 3 days that he let Westbrook go 8 with 6 er. By all rights, Cleveland could have & should have swept the 4-game series. Oh well, a 1-game lead is still a lead. :)

Friday August 4, 2006 - 12:35am (EDT)

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