Aug 16, 2006

One Atrocious Inning

10:30 pm
Why do Arod's errors always seem to allow big innings? When other players make errors, there a chance nothing will happen... but not with Arod. First he strikes out with men on 2nd & 3rd, with only 1 out. Then a huge error. It should have been a guy on 3rd with 2 outs. Instead it was 1st & 3rd with 0 outs. And that throw to Cano wasnt even close!

And the K in the 1st - that was a given as soon as Vazquez got 2 strikes. Why even pitch? Arod should just go back to the bench when the pitcher gets 2 strikes with men on base.

Moose really only should have given up 1 run. A hit batter and some bad luck allowed 4 runs to score.

Update 10:35
Isn't that Arod's MO: a deep flyball to the warning track.

And Giambi picks him up. Great baserunning by Abreu. I know it was a HR but as soon as it was hit Abreu was running full speed, thinking it was a double. He was right, it was a hit, but over the wall.

ok, Wilson is obviously lost against vazquez. 2 k, 2 ab. I would pinch hit for him next time if Vazquez is still pitching. At least we cut the lead in half. Now Mussina's gotta hold it there (or should I say the defense?).

Boston lost again to KC! Wheeew... that makes the Yanks game much less pressing. Wow! Getting swept by the worst team in baseball. Thank you KC. Image

Good abs by abreu & arod, but giambi's first 2 pitches were hittable. When he's on, that first pitch is a grand slam. 9 guys lob already through 4.

so Arod again fails with 1 out, guy on 3rd. If he had come through both times, as any ML hitter (nevermind the cleanup hitter) should, the game would be tied. Like I said earlier, I have more confidence in Miguel Cairo coming through with 1 out, guy on 3rd than I do with Arod. Giambi's K didnt help either. 13 lob through 6.

Thanks to that goddam 2-2 call on Anderson, Chicago puts up another run... What a gun by Posada!

Nice shot Melky! That was crushed. Lesson for Arod: That's how you atone for a costly error.

If not for that one horrible inning, the Yanks might be celebrating a win tonight. Chicago got lucky. The Yanks hit 3-14 with risp. What stands out the most? Arod's 0-4 with an E (& stranding 2 runners at 3rd w/ 1 out), and Posada's 0-5. I can lay off Jorge a bit because he crushed the ball his 1st ab (right at the CF), and threw out a baserunner.

Chicago 5-4

2*: Abreu, reached base 3/5 times, 2 sb
1: Giambi, 2-run HR & BB
1: Melky, 2-run HR, reached base 3/5 times, demoted 1* for the error

Thursday August 10, 2006 - 10:33pm (EDT)

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