Aug 16, 2006

Bronson Sardinha

Promoted to AAA Columbus a few weeks ago, hitting .272 on the year in AA & AAA. But since coming to columbus, he's tearing it up: 19 games, .358 BA, 4 HR, 1.091 OPS!

I watched Columbus play on YES last Thursday when the Yanks were off. He went 1-4, but easily could've gone 3-4. He hit 2 line drives, one for a single, the other was right at the 2B. He looked bad striking out once, and he hit a long drive to the RF warning track that was caught, but which would've been a 3-run HR in the stadium, what with the short porch and all (Cooper Stadium is 330 to RF). He also has a very strong arm, the reason he plays RF.

The only cons are his speed (0 SB this year) and his age, 23. He's almost to the point where he becomes a caree minor leaguer. I do think he'll get called up to the show in september, but if he's not with the Yanks within 2 years (and I dont see it, with Matsui, Melky, Abreu), he might as well be traded, to at least give the Yanks something they CAN use, instead of another corner OF.

Monday July 31, 2006 - 06:39pm (EDT)

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