Aug 17, 2006

Bad Luck Strikes Back

I went to last night's game. My wife & I got there in the 3rd inning, just in time to see the O's add their third run. And it was against Adam Loewen, he of the 6.5 era who shut down the Yanks last time. Anyway, I had a feeling the Yanks would come back, and Lidle DID pitch well after the 3rd. But the Yanks had SO many chances, and hit the ball hard many times that were caught that I could only shake my head and throw up my hands. Of the Yanks 7 hits last night, only 1 could be considered a 'gift,' Melky's 2nd infield single. There were at least 4 other shots hit on the nose that were caught, most notably Damon's hot shot with 2 on right to 1b Millar, and especially Bernie's shot also with 2 men on right to 2b Roberts for a DP! The Yanks could have scored 5 runs instead of the measly 2.

The 2nd & 3rd innings didnt seem so bad when Lidle gave up a run each, but looking back, it's frustrating: if Abreu catches that ball instead of trapping it (with 2 outs), the O's dont score; in the 3rd, Lidle had 2 outs, none on, and ended up walking in a run. How big each of those runs turned out to be.

Damon & Jeter's 0-9 really hurt too.

The first loss I've attended this year, and what a disappointing one...

3-2 Baltimore

2*: Melky, 3-4, 1 rbi
1*: Abreu, 1-2, 2 bb, 1 r

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