Aug 21, 2006

Boston Misses Damon

Damon sparked the Yanks to a win Friday in game 1. And after watching Coco Crisp these past few days, I think they're dying to have Johnny back. The leadoff triple set the tone for the game, and he was only a 2b away from the cycle! He also made a great run-saving catch in the 6th.

Wang pitched just well enough, and the offense finally got through and clobbered Boston's pitching.

12-4 Yanks

3*: Damon, 3-6, HR, 3b, 4 rbi, 3 r
2: Giambi, 2-4, 2 bb, 3 rbi, r
2: Wang, 6 ip, 3 er
1: Abreu, 4-5, 2b, r, sb

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