Aug 16, 2006


What a breath of fresh air this year! He's the Robbie Cano of this year. What I like the most is that he hits the other way, and has steadily improved into a Plus OF over the course of the year.

Look at all the pros:
21 years old
hits a lot of line drives
hits the other way
rarely Ks
good eye, takes walks
fast (OF play, SBs & infield hits)
great arm (9 assists, leads league)
very good OF (and improving)

little power (so far)
occasionally has very weak at bats (2-hoppers to short or 2b)

This is why I was a little disappointed by the Abreu deal. It most likely means Matsui's return will signify the PT demotion of Melky to a part-time OF, pinch-hitter/runner.
Of course, Torre can DH Abreu when Matsui returns, and put Melky in RF and Giambi at 1B. But when Sheff returns, it will probably mean the full demotion of Melky. Then he'll only be a defensive replacement/pinch-player.

Whatever happens, I hope Melky stays with the club, because he has clearly helped - I might say he has more big hits than Arod - and is very young, and should only improve with PT (which I hope he receives often). Might he take over RF full-time after 2007 when Abreu is gone?

Monday July 31, 2006 - 03:55pm (EDT)

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