Aug 16, 2006

Craig Wilson Deal

I don't care about giving up Chacon. Whatever magic he had last year is gone; at least we got something out of it, instead of plain out releasing him. Unfortunately, this deal will also take away from Melky's PT. Wilson plays corner OF & 1B. 2006 stats: 255 AB, .267 BA, 13 HR, 41 RBI, 38 R, 1 SB.

Until Matsui returns, we might see:
1B: wilson
DH: giambi
LF: melky
RF: abreu

When he returns, we might see him replace Melky in LF. :(

There'll also be many interesting roster moves in August. If Matsui comes back before the 40-man team in september, who's sent down? Philips? Crosby? Guiel? Beam? Ponson?

One thing I know: when Cano returns, Nick Green is gone. I just read that Guiel will be sent to AAA, so that leaves Philips & Crosby. Cashman said "Philips has a place on this team." So Bubba is sent down too.

That leaves Beam & Ponson. Ponson has apparently agreed to pitch in the bullpen (something he refused to do in STL) which probably means Beam will be sent down again. the problem is: I dont want him in the bullpen. I'd rather have the young but promising Beam than the 'experienced' but poor pitcher.

I'm glad to have the 40-man roster because this team has far more than 25 useful players (including AAA).

Monday July 31, 2006 - 07:09pm (EDT)

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