Aug 16, 2006

Surprising Lidle

I was not expecting this from Cory Lidle. It was a largely impressive 6 ip, 1 er outing. He escaped a couple jams when Jays hit hard grounders right at the fielders. He had trouble getting his breaking ball over, but got better later in the game.

The pen again pitched well, but I was curious why Torre brought in his 2 main horses: Proctor & Farnsworth in an 8-1 game. Why not use Myers & Ponson for as much as they're worth, and then if they put up a few runs, bring in Proctor/Farnsworth. I suppose Torre wanted to guarantee that Mo wouldnt have to enter the game. And now that Kyle took a ball off the finger, who knows if that will keep him out. I hope it's just a bruise.

All the offense was provided by the 2-7 hitters. 8, 9, & 1 went 0-13! Giambi's 3-run shot was huge because it gave an immediate lift to Lidle who could relax and afford middle-of-the-plate pitches. Great game also by Abreu with 3 hits. Keeping Abreu 3 and Giambi 5 seems great for the lineup. Abreu is much faster, and hits the other way, while Giambi can almost relax in the 5 spot and worry more about driving in runs rather than getting on base (and he WAS kinda slumping). And Giambi wont clog the basepaths so much in the 5 hole.

Cano is supposed to be back Tuesday. :)

Now we'll hope Beckett gets bombed tonight up north.

8-1 Yanks

3*: Lidle, 6 ip, 1 er
2: Giambi, 2-2, 2 bb, 4 rbi, 1 2b
1: Abreu, 3-5, 2 r, 1 2b

Thursday August 3, 2006 - 05:45pm (EDT)

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