Aug 16, 2006

Bernie & Wright

Watching Jaret Wright pitch is like watching a magician. He throws a lot of pitches, he nibbles, gives up a lot of hard hit balls, but (this year) usually finds a way to escape with minimal damage & put together a fine outing. Tonight it was 5 ip, 1 er. The pen came in and reminded me of '96: 4 ip, 0 er. Catalanotto's drive to the right field wall stopped my heart for a moment, but The Stadium has a surprisingly deep right center. People only think of the short right field porch, but that's right down the line. Going out toward center it increases considerably.

The turning point was of course Bernie's huge bases loaded double. I was holding my breath to see if Reed Johnson would catch it. Bernie hit the ball well his 1st time up but was robbed by Vernon Wells. He made up for it the 2nd time.

Also in that inning: Arod had a good at bat. I wasn't expecting him to swing on 3-0, but he hit a frozen rope into right center off a 97 mph fastball down the middle. Abreu had a great at bat too (although I think Burnett got squeezed on a couple pitches, but I'll chalk that up to Abreu's rep). I cant believe Burnett is only 2-5 with a 4.99 era. His stuff his just awesome: he averages 97, with a nice curve. The problem I see is that his control is off, his fastball is straight, and he feels that with his great stuff he doesnt have to conern himself much with location.

Abreu: I was largely impressed; he has the rep of a great eye, and certainly showed that tonight, especially in the 4-run inning. He also showed his speed in his first at bat when he nearly beat out a easy grounder to 2B. He made a few plays in the field too, with a nice running catch and then showed no nerves in catching a fly against the wall in the 8th.

5-1 Yanks

3 stars: Wright, 5 ip, 1 er
2: Bernie, 1-3, 1 bb, 3 rbi
1: Arod, 2-4, 2 rbi

Tuesday August 1, 2006 - 10:40pm (EDT)

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