Aug 18, 2006

Giants Kill KC

An easy 17-0 win over Kansas City tonight, with the first teams looking much better than they did against Baltimore. Manning led the team to TDs on his only 2 drives, while the D never let KC get past the NY 40.

The linebackers especially looked good. Pierce, Blackburn & Wilkinson were everywhere making plays. Even the DTs - the weakness of the D - looked good. DEs Kiwanuka & Tuck played well, and Mike Jennings ('one-five') continued to impress, with some nice catch 'n runs. Tim Carter also had a sweet reverse for 20 yards, and Eli did one great thing that he'll need to do more of this year: he read the blitz, and hit Plaxico on a short hot route for 5 yards. If he can do that consistently, opponents will think twice about blitzing.

QB Jared Lorenzen, quite frankly, should be the #1 backup. He's looked better than Tim Hasselbeck so far, and has a strong, accurate arm.

My wife & I will be going up to Giants training camp in Albany this weekend, and also spending a day at Saratoga Race Track. I'll have a long report I'm sure when I return.

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