Aug 16, 2006

I Called It Re: Ortiz & Wang Lasts Only 5

I'm watching Sunday's 5-3 loss to LAAA (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), and Kaat just said how the Yanks looked at 75 pitches they threw to Ortiz last year, and Kay guessed that 10 were thrown on the inner third of the plate. Kaat said there were only 3! Kay then said how Ortiz has never had to 'move his feet.' If you'll refer to my post a few weeks ago, I say exactly this. The Yanks NEED to brush him back. What a ridiculous stat: 3 of 75 pitches were thrown inside! He has no fear up there, of course he's going to hit well.

As for this game, Wang had bad luck. Figgins' HR was surprising, but it fell apart when Cabrera hit a ball at his shoulders the other way, right to the spot where Cano was, EXCEPT that he went to 2nd because Kendrick was stealing. If Jeter went instead to cover, it would've been an easy out, and maybe no more runs score. Most of the time, these grounders find infielders, but Sunday they found holes. Just one of those days for Wang.

As for Jered Weaver, he looked like a nice pitcher. He only seemed to have 2 pitches, a decent speed fastball with good control, and a very good little slurve. His delivery is also deceptive, but I dont think he'll be an ace once ML batters see him a bit more.

Angels 5-3

2*: Jeter, 1-2, 2 bb, 1 sb
2: Giambi, 2-4, HR
1: Villone, 2.1 ip, 0 r

Tuesday August 15, 2006 - 06:08pm (EDT)

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