Aug 16, 2006

Yanks Almost Blow It

This seemed like a nice, easy win after going up 7-0, but then Randy lost his stuff and Farnsworth got hammered (with a little bad luck), and they had to hang on by their fingernails for a one-run win. Every run was important tonight. Abreu was huge, getting 3 rbi, including his first Yankee HR. Cano also had 2 hits and made some fine defensive plays. That backwards, Mays-esque catch was phenomenal. He made it look routine. And the last play wasnt easy either. An in-between hop with a runner bearing down, backhanded and flipped to Jeter. And it was great to see Melky and Cano chatting it up in the dugout like they did before Cano got hurt (and they also hit a HR each). All 3 HR were on offspeed pitches. They were great at bats. The hitter waited, saw the break, and took a nice easy swing, connecting with the fat part of the bat to send if flying.

Johnson went 6 no-hit innings, but it fell apart very quickly when Chicago scored 2 and loaded the bags with 0 outs. Villone came in after walking Crede, found a groove and escaped with no more damage. The Yanks could have easily been down 8-7, and it was scary when Brian Anderson hit that long drive, but that's why he's hitting .210 (& in the 9 spot) - it was a medium fly ball to left.

It seemed like Michael Kay was purposely trying to avoid saying 'no-hitter' but coercing his co-hosts to say it instead. (Kay had a screaming fit on the radio recently because a fan criticized him for not using 'baseball etiquette' by saying 'no-hitter' during one.) Kay was saying everything but 'no-hitter,' and Al Leiter finally bailed him out by saying it.

Farnsworth looked exhausted, and barely hit 97 mph (slow for him). I dont think Torre wanted to use him, but he couldnt use Proctor or Rivera there, so the only choice left really is Kyle - maybe Veras will get a look next time. Of course, Dye got lucky to reach on the infield single which would have been the 3rd out.

Unfortunately, Damon had to leave again. It's probably the same ankle (EDIT: strained groin), but they were able to win without him. I'm glad Rivera got another chance for the save and came through.

7-6 Yanks

3*: Abreu - 2-5, HR, 3 rbi
2: Randy - 6 ip, 2 er
1: Cano - 2-4, HR, great D
1: Villone - escaped bases loaded, 0 out jam

PS: Great to see the other Sox blow their game. Not just to KC, but in walk-off fashion with a 9th inning lead! It's now 3 games in the East. :)

Thursday August 10, 2006 - 02:05am (EDT)

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