Aug 16, 2006


Somestimes I feel bad for him. I'm watching the replay of the 19-6 game. The Yanks were making a comeback, down 12-5 in the 6th, bases loaded, 2 out, and Arod grounds out. Many boos proceeded.
He squints every time there is a pressure situation, as if he's REALLY concentrating, but it doesnt seem to do anything. At least this time he made contact. I'm so used to him striking out. e.g. 1st inning, the yanks score 2 and threaten for more, and everyone has a good at bat against Jae Seo (which they should) except for Arod. He struck out. Damon hit a hard groundout, jeter & giambi homered, K, posada walked, and bernie hit what i thought would be a gapper but was run down by crawford. why does this stuff always happen to Arod? perhaps the most talented player in MLB.

it seems like he guesses way too much. that's why he takes fastballs down the middle for strike 1, but swings & misses at 89 mph fastballs at his elbows. he's so talented he should forget about guessing and go up there and just react. he's fouling off or taking pitchers that he should be hammering. he also seems too pull conscious. what happened to that opposite field power?

if sheffield comes back healthy, i want him cleanup, matsui 5, arod 6, & abreu 7.

by the way, i have never once booed Arod. i've been to many games and seen him disappoint many times, but i've never booed him. he is a Yankee who plays hard. in the upper deck, many of the guys in the nosebleeds boo him i've found. it comes partly from the drinking, partly from sitting way up there and kind of watching the game, partly sitting with their buddies and wanting to fit in/feel tough/cool, and certainly from the money & expectations that Arod have.

i'm afraid sometimes that he'll never have the success here that he did in Texas & Seattle, but all it takes is one good October (or one playoff game-winning hit) to erase any ill feeling. And Arod is certainly capable of that.

Monday July 31, 2006 - 03:15pm (EDT)

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