Aug 26, 2006

An Exhausted Team

This team is just tired; everyone outside of Damon and Giambi seem exhausted. The bullpen is exhausted, the hitters are exhausted. They desperately need time off. And hopefully than can go into the off day with a win.

Today was atrocious from many angles. Lidle was bad, Dotel was bad, Myers was bad, Villone was awful and Arod was worse. It's hard to blame Villone though, because he's been pitching nearly everyday. And maybe Arod's slump is a result of his illness. (We can only hope.) The Yanks have a legitimate chance of being swept with the rookie Karstens going tomorrow. And with Arod swinging like a blind-folded kid trying to hit a pinata, they might as well put him in the 9 spot, or play Nick Green (although Anaheim is sending a lefty tomorrow). But please Joe, don't put him in the 2 spot again.

12-7 Angels

2*: Damon, 2-4, HR, 2 r, 2 rbi, bb (having maybe his best season ever)
1: Giambi, 1-2, r, 2 rbi, bb

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