Sep 27, 2006

Proctor Finally Saves One

Congrats to 'Everyday' Scottie, who got his first career save tonight despite a 'Wetteland-esque' outing. 1 r, 3 h, and a line drive into Damon's glove for the final out. But now that he's done it, perhaps next time will be easier.

Jeter and Cano each had 2 hits. But the big blow came from Abreu (again) who crushed a Rodrigo Lopez (he of the 18 losses) inside fastball off the third deck facade for 2 runs. As a microcosm of each of their seasons, Abreu hit a HR, and Arod followed with a three-pitch strikeout.

Cory Lidle pitched well, but not good enough in my mind to make the postseason rotation. Torre might take him as a reliever, but even that's no certainty.

1. Wang
2. Mussina
3. Randy
4. Wright

5. Rivera
6. Farnsworth
7. Proctor
8. Bruney
9. Myers
10. Villone

It's tough after those 10. Joe will have to choose 1-2 from: Rasner, Karstens, Lidle, Veras (unlikely) & Beam (more unlikely (or would it be 'less likely'?)).

5-4 Yanks (Detroit won too, so we're still tied for homefield)

2*: Lidle, 6.2 ip, 3 er, 6 h, 1 bb, 5 k
2: Abreu, 1-4, HR, r, 2 rbi
1: Cano, 2-4, HR
1: Jeter, 2-4, 2b, r

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