Sep 20, 2006

The Rooks Come Through

Another quality start by a rookie. Yesterday was Rasner. Tonight it was Karstens. He allowed a lot of baserunners, but got outs when he really needed to. He was bailed out by Damon's incredible diving catch with the bases loaded. But the key to his success has been making pitches when he needs to, and not giving up free passes. Rasner is slightly better at this point in his career, but I like Karstens better in the long run. He just seems to have more potential. His biggest problem has been accuracy. If his control improves, he could be a solid #3 starter.

Clutch hits tonight from Melky and Abreu. If a catch can be clutch, then Damon made the clutch play of the game. I don't see Bernie making that catch. Damon has no regard for his body and laid out for a 3-run-saving grab. It was among the best plays of the whole season. Here's the scenario: bottom of the 5th, Karstens just loaded the bases with a walk, and he's given up 3 hits in the inning, all on fastballs. He's afraid to throw it now, so Guidry has to talk to him. He must've said 'You HAVE to throw your fastball. I don't care if they hit a grand slam, you throw fastballs to this hitter.' After Karstens missed with his first fastball, I knew he was fucked (read below). He threw another one and it was belted by Russ Adams to deep left center. Damon made a heroic play and the game was saved.

I kept score below, even tracking every pitch. I think I'll do this during the playoffs. It's very interesting to see the pattern that pitchers use, the rhythm they get into, and how they get into trouble. I'm also going to comment on every pitch if I see a need to (poor call, extra movement, bad location, etc.).

6-3 Yanks (Boston lost so the Magic Number is 1!)

3*: Abreu, 2-4, HR, r, 2 rbi, bb
2: Veras, .2 ip, 2 k
2: Melky, 2-4, 2 rbi
1: Karstens, 6.1 ip, 3 er, 10 h, 3 bb, 1 k
1: Posada, 1-3, HR, 2 r, rbi, bb

PS: Pavano has been shut down for the season. I'm heartbroken. ;)

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