Sep 10, 2006

Off-Season Topics

Finding the best offensive, defensive and pitched years for the Yanks since 1974 may have to wait until the off-season (hopefully November). It's too time consuming, especially when I'm watching and writing on every game.

I already did the offense category, but this year may require a new look because Jeter's having a tremendous season.

If I think of more, I'll add them (obviously these are only inclusive to Yankees).

Best Offensive Season - before and after 1974 [AFTER DONE]
Best Defensive Season - before and after '74
Best Pitched Season - ever [DONE]
Best Overall Season - before and after '74

Best CF ever
Best P ever
Best leadoff hitter ever
Mantle vs. Mays
Dimaggio vs. Williams
Mattingly vs. Hernandez
Munson vs. Fisk
Ruth vs. Bonds

The Offensive Explosion:
How it started (lowered mound, DH, roids, small parks, HR attitude)
How to reign it in (less roids, smaller parks, raise the mound, call true k zone)

Black Americans in Baseball (going into other sports)
The Future Latin-ization & Asian-ization of MLB (true World Series one day?

The Relative Importance of a Single Football vs. Baseball Game

How Important ARE HRs? What is the win % of teams that hit HR in a game vs. not? what is the lowest ranked team in HR to win WS/make playoffs? [DONE]

Is the Closer overrated? When should the best reliever be used?

How important ARE sacks? How often do they kill drives? [DONE]

If you have any ideas, let me know.

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