Sep 29, 2006

Cano and (Daniel) Cabrera

Almost a no-no tonight. By the Orioles' Daniel Cabrera. I stayed all the way, hoping for that hit. And Robbie Cano finally delivered with 1 out in the 9th. Ironically, Abreu hit into a DP on the next pitch, but I was just happy not to witness Murderer's Row go totally hitless.

Three borderline errors were called on Baltimore that really upset the crowd. I can understand it, because if there wasn't a no-hitter going on, at least one of them would have been ruled a hit. Even Joe said, "I've never seen errors go up there that quickly."

Was Cabrera that good, or were the Yanks 'out-of-sorts'? His biggest problem's always been throwing strikes, and he did that tonight, only allowing 2 walks. When he can control his stuff, he's great, and that's what he was tonight - with a little luck thrown in. There were some hard hit balls (right at players), namely by Cano, Sheffield, Abreu, Matsui & Damon.

Rasner had his first poor outing of the year. Ok, no big deal. But a stupid guy in front of me was booing him. What an idiot! Rasner is a rookie, who's pitched very well until tonight, the division (and likely homefield) are in the bag, he's our 5th-7th starter, who was bad (but not atrocious), and he's getting booed?! The ump was also squeezing Rasner (I'm watching the DVR). The guy was about 21, and he thought he was being funny. He was looking at his friend (who wore a cap with a flat brim, tilted slightly up and to the side) to see if he was laughing too. These are probably the same guys that boo Arod. It's these idiots that give Yankee fans a bad name.

Hopefully it's just a fluke night for Murderer's Row. Cabrera DOES have great stuff, his problem has always been harnessing it. Maybe tonight was a (scary) glimpse to next season. And Arod and Jeter were rested for Cairo and Cannizaro.

7-1 O's

2*: Cano, 1-4
2: Henn, 3.2 ip, 0 r, 5 h, 2 bb, 3 k
1: Veras, 2 ip, 0 r, h, bb


Gabe said...

great site you have here! Look forward to reading it throughout the playoffs (which will hopefully be a long time!)

Travis G. said...

Thanks. I hope so too. What I'm planning to do is do a play-by-play of every post-season game, complete with every pitch, call, hit, swing, out, etc. (in tiny text)

Then a post-game recap like I normally do.

This monday - the off day - I intend to name my Yankee & League MVPs/Cy Youngs. Also an in-depth look at the LDS.