Jul 16, 2007

Another close game

Some thoughts on another good, close game:

- Abreu busting it down the line, beating out that double play in the 3rd allowed Arod to come up next and drill a two-out, two-run shot to break a 2-2 tie.

- Igawa's 2-2 pitch to Vernon Wells was clearly a strike. I think the pitch actually fooled the ump. He walked Wells, and Glaus followed up with a two-run HR.

- Robbie Cano is so quick on the DP. It's one of those things that doesn't show up in any of the metrics, e.g. Range Factor, Zone Rating, Fielding Pct, Fielding Runs Above Average, etc. Is it ironic that two Yankee farmhands (and the best buddies on the team) are also the best defensive players (Melky and Cano)?

- Proctor and Vizcaino mostly did their job, but does Joe Torre know that there's a man named Edwar Ramirez in the pen (who dominated AAA)? Fucking Mike Myers was warming for god's sake (and would've been used instead of Edwar had Proctor faltered). I know he's not a 'proven' major league veteran, but how's this for comparisons? His minor league stats are far better than Proctor's or Farnsworth's: Proctor 1.9 k/bb, 1.38 whip, .89 HR/9; Farnsworth 2.3 k/bb, 1.38 whip, .83 HR/9; Edwar 4.1 k/bb, 1.11 whip, .60 HR/9 (and that's not even counting this season, when Edwar's put up even more impressive numbers).

- The at-bat of the game goes to Andy Phillips, who hit a two-out, two-run single to break a 4-4 tie.

- Great outfield defense by Matsui and Melky saved a couple runs tonight. Melky didn't make any spectacular plays, but he made a few tough ones look routine. Matsui made a nice running catch in left center, and then an over-the-shoulder catch in the 8th that saved a run.

- As far as Igawa goes, it wasn't all bad, and I think he can build on some positives from tonight. He set a season high in Ks (with seven), and 5 ip, 3 er I'll take from the #5 starter most every time.

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