Jul 21, 2007

Help me out here

It was nice to find out the Yanks won game 1 - and that Shelley Duncan had his first major league home-run. But then I found out that Duncan is not in the lineup for game 2, but Damon and Matsui are! This would make sense were a righty pitching for Tampa Bay, but it's JP Howell, a southpaw. So Duncan (a righty) hits a HR in game 1, and the next game against a lefty he sits in favor of a lefty. Someone help me out and explain this move. Damon is hitting .230-ish, and Duncan (including the last few Scranton games) is hot right now. Then add in that he'd be a righty facing a lefty and move looks inconceivable, nevermind the fact that Damon is starting in CF over Melky. Now that's really asinine.

Move Matsui (or Damon) to LF, Melky to CF, and DH Duncan or stick him at 1b. It's not complicated.

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Kevin said...

Makes perfect sense to Clueless Joe Torre - HE IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!