Jul 15, 2007

I've come to the conclusion

That Joe Torre cannot manage anymore. His complete ineptitude in managing a bullpen is unreal! He brings in Ron Villone (wait, it gets worse) for a second straight day, while rookie Edwar Ramirez sits idly in the pen on eight days of rest! And it's not like this is a 'hindsight is always 20/20' kind of thing; this occurred to me during yesterday's game, and again today (but even more so) - all before Villone gave up Carlos Pena's two-run shot.

Torre has such an irrational fear of rookies that he's made me sick watching Kyle Farnsworth (also for the second straight day while Edwar watches) warming up for the eighth (after the Yanks took the lead again).

Unfortunately, I don't think firing him now would make the difference between making and missing the playoffs - for one, it might cause more harm than good, what with all the loyalty the players and coaches seem to feel toward him. But if he doesn't retire in the off-season, he has to be canned. I want Joe Girardi helming this team next year. There's going to be a huge influx of rookies over the next few years, e.g. Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, Tabata, Betances, etc. and Girardi has the (recent) experience of working with a very young team (the 2006 Marlins), and he does not have an irrational fear of rookies - he may actually use them instead of washed up 'veterans.' What a concept!

Postgame update: Torre is so freaking lucky. If not for a diving stab by Andy Phillips, Farnsworth allows the Rays to tie the game, and who knows what after that? He just can't pitch a 1-2-3 inning. He allowed a leadoff double, then a run (to make it 7-6), and was bailed out by Phillips.

Even though Melky went 1-4, he may be the underrated hero of the game. He had two assists (both at second base) which probably saved the Yanks two runs - a good thing he got over the flu. But Robbie Cano's fifth inning at-bat may have been the turning point of the game: he saw seven pitches before blooping a single to center; Phillips followed with a triple, Nieves with a double, then Jeter hit a huge two-run homer that gave the Yanks the lead. And Mussina should be commended after surrendering three first inning runs, but then shutting out the Rays the next five innings (yet without one K) - practically a xerox of Wang's outing from yesterday.

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