Jul 18, 2007

In case you missed it

The Tampa Yankees used three pitchers to complete a no-hitter tonight. Kevin Whelan went five, David Robertson and Josh Schmidt went two apiece. Congrats to them!

- As for the big boys, Mike Myers was lucky because Lyle Overbay hit that grounder hard, but right to Andy Phillips. His one out 'earned' him the win.

- Both Proctor, Bruney and Villone failed in their late game relief attempts. That's why Mo had to be called on to get five outs. Hence, he's probably unavailable for tomorrow's afternoon game.

- Clemens was lucky to escape most innings unscathed. I think the Yanks poor luck from the first half is finally turning around (knock on wood).

- Edwar went a 12th straight day of riding the bench.

- That was an unsually hard ass-slap that Arod gave to Mo after the game.

- And guess who the closer will be tomorrow? That's right, everyone's least favorite reliever, Kyle Farnsworth... Hopefully the Yanks are up 10-1 when he comes in.


dustyjacket13 said...

I have a quick question, I have been a life-long yankee fan, and finally for a birthday present i get to go to the stadium in august for one of the games vs. the sox. Do you have any suggestions as to where the best seats are? Thanks a lot!

Lorén said...

I was at the 10-inning game on Tuesday night. From my spot in the left field bleachers, I tried to convince Farnsworth to leave the mound, but for some reason he didn't listen. At this point, I would rather see anyone from Edwar Ramirez to Skippy the ball boy pitching than Farnsworth.

Travis G. said...

well, the closer to home plate the better (generally). right behind or next to either dugout are probably the best in the stadium (but also very expensive). watch out for foul balls! i almost got hit by a liner sitting next to the Trenton Thunder dugout a few nights ago.

Loren, keep trying. perhaps if Joe gets the message, he might stop using Farns in critical situations.