Jul 4, 2007

Wang and Edwar

Made for a hugely enjoyable game. Wang got fairly lucky, getting by with mediocre stuff but got double-plays when he needed them. I was pissed when Torre brought in Proctor for the eighth instead of Edwar Ramirez, but I held out hope he'd be used in the ninth. He came in, glasses and all, and dominated three great hitters, including last year's MVP, striking out the side (without allowing a baserunner). He got all three Ks on his nasty changeup, and after the third one even Derek Jeter had a huge grin on his face. He won't be this dominant once word and video gets around of him, but he does have the ability to be a very good to great set up man.

- Meanwhile, the Yanks top two prospects (since Phil Hughes is now considered a major leaguer) both had great nights. Joba Chamberlain absolutely destroyed the Harrisburg Senators tonight in Trenton: 6 ip, 4 h, 0 r, 12 k, 1 bb. And Jose Tabata racked up four hits (in six at-bats) and a stolen base against Clearwater.

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