Jul 25, 2007

Joba's AAA Debut

Wow - 5 ip, 4 hits, 0 r, 1 bb, 10 Ks. Just wow. 88 pitches in five innings is a lot though, but strikeout guys generally do that.

Edwar pitched in his first game since being demoted: 1.1 ip, 0 h, 0 r, 1 bb, 2 Ks.

As far as the Big club goes, the Yanks have to retaliate for Jeter getting hit. I'm sick of our Captain taking abuse from opposing pitchers just because the team can hit. One of these times he's going to get seriously injured, and our pitchers must retaliate to lessen those chances. It's upsetting that Mo didn't hit someone in the 9th, but that's Mo - he always wants to be a classy guy.

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