Jul 30, 2007

Yanks salvage series

Well, Saturday night's 9th inning near-comeback was a precursor to today's offensive explosion. All I can say is that at least they weren't swept.

- Elsewhere, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes pitched great for Triple-A Scranton, and Joba Chamberlain was moved to the pen to get him used to the role before he joins the Bronx bullpen (I wonder who gets sent down...).

I do not like the move - Joba is the second best pitcher in the entire system, and I don't trust Joe Torre at all to use him correctly. Outside of Mo, he treats relievers in two ways: 1. he severely overuses them, e.g. Scott Proctor and Luis Vizcaino, or 2. he severely underuses them, e.g. Edwar Ramirez. Neither situation is good for pitchers, especially 21-year-olds with outstanding arms (and injury history), and such is Joba.


Kevin said...

Joe also overuses Mo. After his worthless promise this spring, to only use Mo for 1 inning, he continues to use Mo in the 8th inning, with as much as 4 and 5 run leads. He also completely set Edwar up to fail by sitting him on the bench fro 2 weeks between uses, because as Torre said "I can't trust him over Proctor and Farnsworth."

I agree that they shouldn't bring anyone up to help Joe this year.

Fire Joe, hire Girardi and let him take care of the young guys as he can actually remember his days as a player.

Travis G. said...

well, i dont know if Cash should make a conscious effort to NOT help Joe. i mean, every year he tries to add bp arms, and one by one they burn out. Cash GMs to complement the way Joe manages (which contributes to Joe's BP problems).

but Joe G. would DEFINITELY be a better manager for youngins such as Joba. Edwar couldn't throw a strike bc he wasn't used in 2 weeks. now he's back in AAA getting regular work and pitching great. i dont think Torre should be fired now. let him manage the rest of the year, if he doesn't retire then (which i think he WILL), fire him and put Girardi in his place.