Jul 11, 2007

Odds & Ends

1. watching Robbie Cano warm up.
2 & 3. progress on the new Stadium.
4 & 5. a beautiful night watching Ian Kennedy pitch.

- Phil Hughes will make his second rehab start tomorrow night for Double-A Trenton. I plan to be in attendance, with some photos posted here soon.

- Centerfielder Brett Gardner was promoted to Triple-A Scranton, and rightfielder Bronson Sardinha was demoted to make room. Since Gardner came off the DL in early June, he's been tearing it up (.933 ops) - so much so that his season stats become remarkable: .300/.392/.419, with 18 steals against four times caught. He also struck out just 32 times against 33 walks. Speak of the devil - in his first game with Scranton tonight he walked twice and stole third. He could (and should) be a very valuable bench (or possibly starter) player with the Yanks who will play great outfield defense and be a super pinch-runner.

- Elsewhere, Arod said he won't talk contract until after the season. Now me personally, I’d be hesitant to sign Arod past age 37. Just look how quickly other players fell off: Bernie, Damon, Giambi, etc.

And how fitting is it that he’s having his best year in his walk year? Haven't we learned to be hesitant with those guys? e.g. Gary Matthews, Carlos Beltran, Adrian Beltre, Jason Giambi, Farnsy, A.J. Burnett, Carl Pavano, etc. The list goes on and on.

Of course, I’m not saying the Yanks shouldn't sign him, because opting out would leave a giant hole in the lineup, but I wouldn't go overboard. 2004: subpar (for Arod), 2005: MVP, 2006: subpar (for Arod), 2007: MVP. That should tell us something, especially when he’s (historically speaking) past his prime.

I’d like to see a 3-year extension (starting in 2011) for about $80 mil, as long as Arod takes out the opt out clause. I think that’s fair. But it seems that Scott Boras doesn't want to settle for less than $30 million a year... but who beside the Yanks will ever pay that much?

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