Jul 26, 2007

Torre puts all his eggs in one basket

The losing basket that is. By having his weak-hitting backup catcher play with his worst starter, he basically conceded this one. Posada has to rest, and Igawa has to pitch (until Hughes or Karstens returns), so even if Posada played this game, his bat would not have made up for Igawa's poor pitching. He might as well be given a rest when the odds of winning are already below 50 percent - so yes, I agree with Joe on this one. You're conceding the battle to win the war. But fortunately, tonight was probably Igawa's last start of the season because an off day is coming up - his spot can be skipped, and Phil Hughes will most likely be ready to return the following time through the rotation.

ML Yankees
Igawa 7/26
Pettitte 7/27
Clemens 7/28
Wang 7/29
Off day 7/30
Moose 7/31
Pettitte 8/1
Clemens 8/2
Wang 8/3
Hughes? 8/4

AAA Yankees
Desalvo 7/26
Karstens 7/27
Kennedy 7/28
Hughes 7/29
Joba 7/30
Desalvo 7/31
Karstens 8/1
Kennedy 8/2
Igawa? 8/3
Joba 8/4

What really sucks is that August 4th game is a Saturday afternoon game, meaning I won't be able to watch it because of FOX's exclusive deal with MLB. Bastards! I'll probably just break down and buy it for $3.95 on MLB.tv.

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