Jul 31, 2007

Betemit a Yankee, Gagne a Sock

Scott Proctor was traded for Wilson Betemit of the Dodgers, a power-hitting utility infielder. I'm divided on this move. If there's one thing the Yanks do not have, it's solid middle relief. They traded the most used reliever in baseball (since the start of '06) for a guy who will probably be a pinch-hitter/utility infielder.

- Proctor is 30, and probably not going to improve much (if at all).
- Proctor has a habit of melting down against the Socks. Career vs. Bos: 29.1 ip, 8.28 era, .952 OPSa.
- Betemit is listed at just 25, so he's not yet in his prime.
- Betemit is a huge improvement (100 OPS+) over current utility infielders Miguel Cairo (76 OPS+) and Chris Basak (one career ab).
- The Yanks have an insurance policy at 3b if Arod leaves in the offseason.
- Joba could be an upgrade over Proctor.

- Proctor's failings may be attributable to overuse, and if used more sparingly, may become more effective. He still has great stuff.
- More weight/pressure falls on the other relievers: Farns, Vizciano, Myers, Villone, and worst of all, Joba, who will be getting his feet wet.
- Proctor, if nothing else, could be counted on to give innings - he led the AL in appearances last year with 83.

And the Socks traded three prospects for Eric Gagne in a lopsided trade. They gave up Kason Gabbard, a 25-year-old #4 starter at best, David Murphy, a 25-year-old 4th OFer at best, and Engel Beltre, a 17-year-old potential star in the Gulf Coast League. Unless Beltre turns into a star, or Gagne gets injured,Texas got hosed (again). What Texas wanted from the Yanks, namely Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera or Alan Horne are far better prospects than anything Boston gave up. Maybe the Rangers are pissed about still having to pay $10 million a year of Arod's salary (from the Soriano trade, another lopsided deal).

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