Jul 9, 2007

First half awards

These are pretty easy - I don't even have to look at anyone else because we all know who the winners are.

First half Cy Young:
Chien-Ming Wang, who since returning from the DL in late April has been the Yanks best and most consistent starter. He leads the pitchers in Win Probability (1.14), Value Over Replacement Player (25), and is second in Win Shares (6).

Who else but Arod? .317/.413/.665, 30 HR, 86 RBI, 79 runs and 9 steals for good measure. He leads the team in Win Probability (3.70), Win Shares (17) and leads baseball in Value Over Replacement Player (53.2).

Win Probability courtesy of FanGraphs
VORP courtesy of Baseball Prospectus
Win Shares courtesy of The Hardball Times

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