Jul 21, 2007

This is one game

I'm glad I missed. I was in the car and listened to the horrible third inning that Moose surrendered. After Upton's bomb, I shut off the radio.

Having not seen the game, I can't comment in detail, but here goes:
- Mussina's nibbling is extremely annoying. In the inning I listened to, it seemed like every batter was down 0-2 before Moose tried to hit the corners (and missed), bringing the count to 3-2. The hitters then, of course, proceeded to rocket balls all over the field. Moose only gave us 4.2 ip, a horrible start the night before a doubleheader, especially where both starters are unlikely to go beyond five innings.
- Edwar pitched terribly. What was it, two strikes and 19 balls? I put most of the blame on Joe however. Edwar hasn't been used in two weeks, what did he expect? I suppose he can now say, "See, I was right. I can't trust a rookie." When Mo doesn't pitch for two weeks, he's rusty too. At least if Edwar is sent down, he'll get regular work.

But overall, it's just one game. Remember last year's 19-1 rout by Cleveland? That jumpstarted the Yanks. Hopefully tonight's game will do the same...

And in other bad news, Joba Chamberlain was shelled, allowing three homers and seven runs in 4.2 innings - his worst start of the year.

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