Oct 4, 2006

Captain Clutch - LDS 1 recap

Jeter becamse just the 6th player in postseason history to post a 5-hit game! He didn't just have 5 little singles - he was a triple away from the cycle: HR, 2 2b, 2 1b.

The Yanks won the game in the 3rd, when they turned a GDP with 2 runners on. Polanco hit a sharp grounder, Jeter stabbed it with his backhand, fired to Cano at 2b, who spun and fired to Sheff at 1b. Sheff made a great stretch/split to make sure they got 2. Then in their half, the offense opened up, beginning with a squibber by Damon. After Jeter's single, Abreu lined a double to right, Sheffield hit a rbi single, and then Giambi hit a long fly just over the right field wall.

Wang escaped jams several times early, but Detroit got to him in the 5th, which was his only bad inning. He hung some sliders and sinkers, and Detroit hit double after double. When Detroit got runners on, they (surprisingly) did not bunt them over. Jim Leyland seems like the bunting/NL-style type manager. By having them swing away, it let Wang escape a few times. I suppose this is respectful to the Yankee offense: Leyland didn't want to get a run here, a run there; he wanted a big inning to support his pitcher, hence no bunting. So the offense can actually help the pitchers, albeit it in a subtle way.

Wang seemed to be cruising through the 6th, when Torre pulled him with 2 outs to set up Myers against the lefty Granderson. I thought it was strange, but when you consider Granderson already had 2 hits off Wang, and Myers is a lefty specialist, it makes some sense. EDIT: Granderson went just 1-3 against Wang, so no, I don't understand the move actually. Myers lasted one hitter, hanging a slider that was crushed into the bleachers.

Proctor came in and allowed 2 hits, both on fastballs. Fortunately, he fooled Ordonez (with 2 on) with a slider just enough to get the pop out.

Then I disagreed again with Torre for bringing in Farnsworth. Proctor had only thrown 9 pitches; I would have at least let him start the 8th, and then have Farnsworth as backup. If he gets through the 8th, then at least Farnsworth is fresh for tomorrow. Now he can't be used. I expect Bruney to get some important innings if tomorrow's game is close.

Wang was good but not great. And the bullpen basically did their job, 2.1 ip, 1 er. But there's not enough you can say about DJ. If not for him, we might be looking at a loss.

Bad games at the plate for Matsui and Cano, going 0-8 with 9 left-on-base. Cano saw only 8 pitches in the game! If you're going to go 0-4, at least make the pitcher work a little.

I read the AP recap, and they wrote: "[Arod] was a quiet 1-4." Excuse me? Did you watch the game? Yes he only got 1 hit, but could have easily had 3. He hit two bullets, unfortunately they were right at defenders. Most other times, instead of a 'quiet 1-4,' he's got a 'great 3-4.' Rather unfair by the AP.

8-4 Yanks (up 1-0)
hmmmm..., who gets my 3*? Very tough.

3*: A. Phillips, 0-1

Just kidding.

3*: Jeter, 5-5, HR, 2 2b, 3 r, rbi, sb
2: Wang, 6.2 ip, 8 h, 3 er, 1 bb, 4 k
2: Abreu, 2-5, 2b, r, 4 rbi
1: Giambi, 1-1, HR, r, 2 rbi, bb, 2 hbp

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