Oct 6, 2006

LDS 3 recap: shutout?!

The only positive to take from this game is that the offense is definitely due. Oh, and the pen (besides Bruney) is rested.

Rogers DID pitch well, but the Yanks have 10 current/former All-Stars. They should still be able to scratch out A run against him. Look at my preview of this game - the Yanks have 5 guys hitting over 1.000 ops against Rogers. The team was 0-18 with runners on base! They couldn't buy a 2-out rbi, while Detroit got them almost at will. True, it may not be the 'same' Kenny Rogers as the Yanks last saw in '04 (as Joe Morgan said about 137 times tonight), but still - to get shutout by him?! He ain't that good, and the Yankee lineup ain't that bad.

The 1-5 hitters went a combined 1-17 with 2 walks (the only hit coming from the Capt. of course). In fairness, they didn't have much luck either. Jeter's liner nearly decapitated Rogers, but he fielded it for an out. Bernie missed a 2-run HR by several feet. And Detroit hit several seeing eye grounders to drive in runs. It seemed like every Detroit hit found a hole.

Poor defense too. Giambi made two bad throws on baserunners (one was safe, the other out), one of which allowed Detroit to score. Jeter misplayed a liner off his glove, resulting in another Detroit run. Cano barely missed a grounder in the hole that allowed Detroit's first run (a tough play admittedly). And Abreu bobbled a ball in RF that allowed Irod to go from 1st to 3rd (although the replay showed he was clearly out), where he later scored from.

I'm afraid we're going to look back at Game 2 as the turning point. We're down 2-1, and Magglio Ordonez hasn't even started hitting!

Tomorrow is a must win obviously. And it rests on the shoulders of Jaret Wright, only slightly less inconsistent than Randy. Maybe having their backs against the wall is what the team needs to get going. Again, the offense IS due.

6-0 Detroit

2*: Jeter, 1-3, 2b, bb, (robbed of a 2nd hit)
1: Posada, 2-4, 2b

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