Oct 8, 2006

Giants vs. Skins - play-by-play

A nice directional kick into the end zone for Feely.

Was. ball
1&10: Portis gets 2 yards. I'm not worried about the run defense.
2&8: Portis for 2. Short's starting today instead of Emmons.
3&6: 16 yard pass to Cooley. A good pass rush but the blitz left Cooley wide open, and Brunell back-pedalled to buy time.
1&10: Portis for 2. Osi got him.
2&8: Inc. pass. Play action, but good coverage forced a bad pass.
3&8: Loss of 2 by Randle-El. Almost an option play.
Punt: Morton let it bounce, but a decent little 8 yd return.

NYG ball
1&10: Tiki left for 9. Wow, is he good at avoiding tackles. He made 2 guys miss who were right on him.
2&1: Tiki up the middle for 2.
1&10: Burress for 6. Play-action roll out, Burress wide open.
2&4: Burress for 5. Quick pass to him, let him work.
1&10: Inc. pass. Play action, pass way too high off Amani's fingers, almost picked. Bad pass.
2&10: Tiki left for 15! He's making it look easy, breaking 2 more tackles.
1&10: Jacobs catch for 6. 5 WR set. Never seen that play before. At least they're trying new things.
2&4: Inc. pass. Eli had tons of time, and made another horrible pass. Let him go no-huddle.
3&4: Inc. pass. Eli with good time again. Borderline pass-interference on Marshall covering Tiki.
FG 47: Wide left. That drive came to an end FAST.

Was. ball
1&10: Portis for -4! Great play by Pierce.
2&14: Portis for 15. 4 WR set, draw play. Great, Short is injured. Another LB down. Wilkinson in.
1&10: Inc. pass. Good pressure from Robbins.
2&10: Portis for -1. Another great play by Pierce. He's reading this offense like a damn book!
3&11: Inc. pass. But 'roughing the passer'! Shit. Horrible call. Thanks refs.
1&10: Pass to Thrash for 4.
2&6: Inc. pass. Again good pressure from Robbins. Offensive Pass Int. (borderline) Great coverage by Webster.
2&16: Pass to Moss for 17. Great throw.
1&10: Portis up the middle for 3.
2&7: Portis sweep left for 3. TO Was.
3&4: Inc. pass, dropped by Portis. Would've been a 1st down.
FG 39: Made it.
3-0 Was.

NYG ball
Kickoff: Morton up the middle to the 42! Great return.
1&10: Tiki loses 1 to the right.
2&10: Tiki up the middle for 4.
3&6: Pass to Toomer for 44 yds! Eli took a big hit, but made a great pass to the open Amani, running a post down the middle.
1&G: Jacobs up the middle for 2.
2&G: Jacobs sweep left for 2.
3&G: TD, pass to Toomer. Penalty: Offensive Pass Int. on Shockey. TO NYG.
3&G (from the 15): Pass to Tiki for 9. Another drive stalls.
FG 24: Good.
3-3 tie
Sometimes I hate football, with all the ticky-tack penalties. It's FOOTBALL for God's sake!

Was. ball
Kickoff: Cartwright up the left side to the 27.
1&10: Inc. pass, play action, thrown RIGHT TO Pierce, but dropped. (turning point?)
2&10: Portis sweep right for 5.
3&5: Sack for Strahan! 1st of the year! Incredible jump, beating everyone.
Punt: Morton let it bounce, downed at the 32.

NYG ball
1&10: Buress over the middle for 46! Eli took another hit.
1&10: Tiki up the middle for 0. Who didn't see a run coming there?
2&10: Tiki to the right for 2. Almost broke a big run.
3&8: Pass to Carter for 5. Why is Eli throwing a 5 yd pass when he needs 8?
FG 34: Made it.
Why hasn't Shockey caught a pass yet? He hasn't even been thrown to.
6-3 NYG

Was. ball
Kickoff: Rock up the middle to the 31.
1&10: Portis up the middle for 6. Gibril missed a tackle for a loss.
2&4: Portis up the middle for 7. A few missed tackles.
1&10: Pass to Moss for 15. Big pass rush.
1&10: Portis up the middle for 3.
2&7: False start, triggered by the Giants rushing the line.
2&12: Portis draw for 4. Great tackle by Short.
3&8: Another false start, this time on a WR.
3&13: Wow. And a Delay of Game.
3&18: Draw to Portis for 12. Strahan made the tackle from behind.
Punt: Downed at the 2!

NYG ball
1&10: False Start on Tiki.
1&11: Tiki up the middle for 8. Nice little run.
2&3: Tiki up the middle for 2. Big play coming up... Nevermind. Tiki got the 1st down. Wow. He looked half a yd short.
1&10: Jacobs up the middle for 2.
2&8: Inc. pass to Tiki. He may have had the 1st, but he just dropped it.
3&8: Pass to Toomer for 10! A GREAT catch by Toomer. The ball was a high bullet, but he snatched it down. 2 min. warning.
1&10: Holding on Shockey. He had to to protect Eli.
1&20: Pass to Shockey for 13. His 1st catch of the day. Going no-huddle.
2&7: Pass to Carter for 6.
3&1: Draw to Tiki, nice 10-yd run but stripped by Sean Taylor. Luckily, the Gmen recover. (6 pt. swing?) TO Was.
1&10: Pass to Tiki for 2. A nice tackle by Carlos Rogers.
2&8: Another short pass to Tiki, for 6.
3&2: Draw to Tiki for 9. TO NYG. 0:18 left.
1&10: Pass to Carter for 27 yds! Great blitz pick-up by Jacobs (although Was. did tip it's hand early). last TO NYG. 0:11 left.
1&10: Inc. pass. Trying to hit Plax in the middle of the endzone. But pass was too high, and he was double-teamed.
FG 32: Perfect. Great drive - 99 yds.
9-3 NYG
I'm afraid these red-zone failures will hurt them.

Was. ball
Kickoff: Squib kick. Sellers return, slipped at the 40.

NYG ball
Kickoff: Morton up the middle to the 30.
1&10: Tiki up the middle for 9. Good tackle by Archuleta.
2&1: Tiki to the left for 5.
1&10: Inc. pass. Shockey was open, but Manning underthrew him.
2&10: Screen pass to Jacobs for 9.
3&1: Jacobs up the middle for 2. Good little run.
1&10-Tiki sweep right for 7. Good blocking.
2&3-Tiki up the middle for 2.
3&1-Jacobs up the middle for 3. Another good lil run.
1&10-Pass to Plax for 5.
2&5-Draw to Jacobs for 5, on a fake screen to Plax. A punishing run.
1&10-Inc. pass. Penalty: Intentional Grounding.
2&20-Quick screen to Plax for 4. TO NYG.
3&16-Pass to Amani for 21! Awesome catch. He landed out of bounds, but it was ruled a pushout.
1&G-Tiki up the middle for 3. Ball at the 2.
2&G-TD, Pass to Plax. Nice touch pass up high where only Plax could get it.
16-3 NYG-Helluva long drive. 15 plays!

Was. ball
Kickoff-Rock to the 21. Great tackle by Blackburn and Torbor.
1&10-Pass to Cooley for 11. Wide open.
1&10-Portis up the middle for 3. Another good tackle by Short.
2&7-Inc. pass. Attempted screen to Randle-El, broken up by Madison.
3&7-Pass to Cooley for 10. Good coverage by Webster, but a perfect throw from Brunell.
1&10-Portis up the middle for 10.
1&10-Portis pitch right for 0. Great diving tackle by Cofield.
2&10-Inc. pass. Attempted screen, deflected by Arrington. His best play of the year?
3&10-Pass to Randle-El for 13. Perfect pass by Brunell.
1&10-Pass to Cooley for 5. Brunell almost sacked by Gibril. Short missed tackling Cooley.
2&5-Portis up the middle for 3. Kiwanuka with the tackle.
3&2-Inc. pass to Cooley. He tried to force it into double-coverage.
FG 42: Wide left. Nice stop Gmen.

NYG ball on the 33
1&10-False Start on Diehl.
1&15-Inc. pass to Shockey.
2&15-Pass to Shiancoe for 15! TE bootleg.
1&10-Tiki to the right for 6. Penalty: Holding on McKenzie. (Penalties!)
1&20-Tiki to the left for 13! Great block by Shockey.
2&7-Pass to Toomer for 5. Hot route on a blitz up the middle.
3&2-Pass to Carter for 5. Nice, keeps the drive going.
1&10-Tiki up the middle for 2. Finn is hurt.
2&8-Quick screen to Plax for 0.
3&8-Inc. pass to Amani. Hit as he threw.
Punt: Into the endzone. Touchback.

Was. ball
1&10-Pass to Moss for 7. A little curl.
2&3-Portis loses 1. Strahan made the first hit.
3&4-Sack by Fred Robbins! Strahan forced him up, and Robbins leveled Brunell.
Punt-Morton return to the 44. A 3-and-out. Is that the game?

NYG ball
1&10-Tiki up the middle for 1. No hole.
2&9-Pass to Shiancoe for 2. TE bootleg.
3&7-Inc. pass. Pass deflected, attempted screen to Toomer.
Punt-out of bounds at the 19.

Was. ball
1&10-Portis to the right for 3. (Ok, I'll take those runs.)
2&7-Brunell scrambles for 8. Penalty: Holding on Was. Everyone saw that one.
2&17-Pass to Cooley for 4. Good tackle by Madison.
3&13-Inc. pass to Lloyd. Good coverage by Madison. (Another 3-and-out.)
Punt-return by McQuarters to the 46

NYG ball
1&10-Tiki to the left for 1.
2&9-Tiki to the left for 10!
1&10-Tiki to the left for 5.
2&5-Jacobs up the middle for 1. TO Was.
3&4-Eli scrambles for 6! (That should be the game!)
1&10-Jacobs up the middle for 6. TO Was.
2&4-Jacobs to the right for -1. No hole. last TO Was.
3&5-Tiki up the middle for 0.
FG 40-Made it. Feely's 4/5.
19-3 NYG

Was. ball
Kickoff-Rock to the 19. Another good tackle by Blackburn. Taunting by Torbor: 15 yds.
1&10-Sack by Osi! Loss of 9.
2&19-Inc. pass. No one even close to that pass.
3&19-Screen to Betts for 11. 2 min. warning.
4&8-Inc. pass into triple coverage. Pierce pulled Tuck back into coverage. That's the game!

NYG ball


19-3 Giants
Record 2-2

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