Oct 31, 2006

Sam Hollenbach

Who? I'm watching a replay of Saturday's Florida State-Maryland game that the Terps won 27-24. The QB for Maryland, Sam Hollenbach, has one of, if not the best arms I've seen in all of college football this season. The ball seems to jump out of his hand. And he's accurate too, making several great throws where only his receiver could catch it. I haven't seen any other Maryland games this year, so I don't know if it's the norm, or a fluke. Going by his rating (128.6!), I'd say it's the norm. And he's had his best games against the best competition this year - Georgia Tech, Virginia, NC State & FSU. I hope this kid doesn't drop out of the first round. Yes, that's how good he looks. Not to mention his proto-typical size, 6'4", 214. The only downside is that he's 23, and will be 24 at the start of the 2007 NFL season.

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