Oct 1, 2006

Great Sox Game

We my wife and I enjoy a Red Sox game? Well, last night was about as good as it gets. The O's put 3 early runs on the board against Wakefield. Adam Loewen was cruising through 4, but in the 5th, Manny launched a HR over the Monster. You can't believe how ignorant and arrogant he is. As soon as he hit the ball, he jogged to first with his fist raised in the air. His team is tied for 3rd, the HR only made the score 3-1, and it's the 2nd to last game of the year. Of course if it's a game-winning HR I would understand it, but c'mon. Anyway, Loewen lost his control in the 6th, walking in a run. The Sox had the lead 4-3, and handed it to their 'closer,' Mike Timlin in the 9th. He promptly allowed 2 straight singles, and a groundout brought up Kevin Millar with 1 out. He battled Timlin, and lined a 3-2 pitch off the top of the Monster scoring 2 and giving Baltimore a 5-4 lead.

In the bottom of the frame, Ortiz pinch-hit for Pedroia. To chants of 'Papi, Papi,' he hit a deept drive to center, caught by Newhan just to center of the bullpen (where it would have gone out). That essentially ended the game, and we left happy. Our Boston friends were not however.

Throughout the game, the whole bleacher section was playing with beach balls - at least 5 at one point. Despite getting hit in the head twice, it was fun.

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