Oct 5, 2006

Moose Just Bad Enough - LDS 2 recap

Mussina wasn't terrible, but made some crucial bad pitches, and that was all the Tigers needed. Is it just this series, or does Detroit always hit this many extra-baggers? They have more xbh than singles through 2 games: 12 xbh, with just 8 singles! They do swing hard.

The Yanks only hurt Detroit's pitching in one inning, and left many runners on. It wasn't like the Yanks were missing bad pitches; Verlander just made some great pitches when he had to, as did Zumaya (damn's he's good). Walker and Jones were just good enough to escape unscathed.

2 goats of the game: Arod and Cano, 0-8, 3 k, GDP, 9 lob! Wow. If one of them gets a hit, the Yanks might have a win. And what about Abreu's shot off the wall?; a few feet higher and the Yanks have 4 runs instead of 3.

We also have to look back at 2 horrible at-bats by Mussina: the game-tying HR by Guillen, where he fell behind 2-0 and grooved a FB; and the go-ahead triple by Granderson, where he had him 0-2, but instead of putting a FB up high, again grooved it allowing the triple.

Basically 4 reasons for the loss.
1) Verlander escaped when he had to (save for Damon's HR)
2) Mussina made a few too many mistakes
3) Arod and Cano did nothing (they need to step up)
4) Detroit's bullpen

4-3 Detroit

2*: Damon, 2-5, HR, r, 3 rbi
2: Matsui, 3-4, r
1: Posada, 1-2, r, 2 bb

Now we have to rely on Randy. Not a good situation.

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