Oct 10, 2006

Matsuzaka Video

In case you don't know, Daisuke Matsuzaka is one of, if not the best pitcher in Japanese baseball. He is only 26. And he has just been 'posted' by the Seibu Lions, meaning he can seek employment in MLB. The Yankees are very interested. The only catch is that to negotiate with him, a ML team will have to give Seibu more than any other team. It's like a silent auction, with the winner acquiring the sole rights to negotiate a free agent contract with Matsuzaka. This 'posting' fee is expected to be in the range of $30 million!

Starting pitching is the Yanks biggest weakness, so I hope they can get this done. The Yanks already have a tradition of Japanese players, starting with Hideki Irabu, and currently with Matsui. This has jacked up the Japanese fanbase in New York. With Matsui already in his 4th year, he could certainly help Matsuzaka adjust to big league life.

Check out this video of him. (linked in title above.) Especially in the World Baseball Classic, where he dominated. His fastball touches 95, and he has a nasty splitter and slider (similar to Krod's), and also a changeup (I believe).


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