Oct 21, 2006


For waiting. I drank a LOT of wine in Italy. It's so cheap. There were bottles selling for only 4 euros, about $5. And it's not just shit table wine, it's DOCG, which is the highest grade an Italian wine can receive. The highlights were the Duomo in Florence and Siena, and of course Pisa's famous tower.

Anyway, I checked the scores a few times during the week: wow, the NLCS was something! I've got the last 2 games DVR'ed, so I'll be catching up soon.

The latest Arod rumors have him going to one of the Chicago teams. And the Giants surprisingly handled the Falcons with ease (at least after the 1st half).

So Oakland didn't make it. This is a tough one. I don't really care about Detroit or St. Louis, but seeing as how Albert Pujols is the best hitter (and possibly player) in the game, he deserves a ring. And the fact that I still dislike Kenny Rogers.

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