Nov 20, 2006

Giants Recap - Where to start?

A pathetic game. How reminiscent of the Seattle game. They couldn't run, they couldn't throw, and they couldn't pressure the QB. That equals a loss most times. 'Most football games are lost, not won.'

Which play was the turning point? Plax's 50-yard drop? Or David Garrard avoiding a sack and rushing for the first down on 3rd and 8?

I'm honestly beginning to think the Jints need a new coaching staff. They didn't even realize Shockey was on the field until the end of the 1st half. They went away from the run too often, especially considering how Eli was playing. They didn't stay with what worked. Remember that 20-yard catch-n-run TD by Plax? Yeah, it looked beautiful. Why didn't Coughlin call for that play again? How about more play-action? Or a reverse? Anything tricky, just to get some momentum.

Manning is continuing his decline. What if he doesn't get back to his 1st half production? This will be the 2nd straight year where he's looked completely lost in the 2nd half of the season. What is it about him that he looks like a 3rd stringer until the 4th quarter, then looks like the #1 overall pick? It's mind-boggling.

dropped 2 because of his bad thumb), they couldn't protect Eli (Whitfield), they couldn't run (largely because of Whitfield and Eli's ineptness), and the D couldn't stop Jacksonville when they really needed to (hardly any pressure on Garrard) - This game showed how bad the Giants are with the injuries. They generated almost no pass rush, and didn't record a sack (Kiwanuka came close twice early) or a pick, and forced just one turnover (a fumble by Fred Taylor). They dropped passes (TikiJax was 9 for 18 on third downs. The Giants had the ball just 20 minutes, compared to 40 for the Jags. And worst of all, the Gmen had 5 drives before they ever got a first down.

Why is it that our WRs are never wide open. I watch the highlight shows, and it seems like every other game has a big play where a WR is wide open. I don't think I've seen one of these plays for the Giants all year. They're never more than 5 yards from a defender. They never get the chance for yards-after-catch, to make a big play. The offensive coordinator, John Huffnagel, has to take the most blame for this.

As for the D, our DBs can barely cover anyway (they can hit pretty well), and we're not getting pressure on the QB, so why not blitz more often? Does it matter if we drop 7 guys and the opponent still completes the pass, or we blitz 3 and only drop 4 and they still complete it? C'mon Tim Lewis, without Strahan and Osi, we've got to blitz more. The opponent might have a big play now and then, but it will also create some turnovers.

26-10 Jacksonville (virtual tie with Dallas for 1st place)

3*: Shockey, 7 catches, 82 yards
2: Pierce, 10 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
1: Webster, 5 tackles, 2 pass deflections
1: Wilson, 4 tackles, 1 fumble forced

No Plax because of his 2 or 3 dropped passes.

Next week at Tennessee. Won't be easy, but should be a win.

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