Nov 6, 2006

Strahan Out 2-4 Weeks

Another big loss - in fact, the biggest so far. I'm very hopeful that Osi or Tuck returns this Sunday. I don't see the Giants getting much of a pass rush against Chicago with practice squadder Adrian Awasom lining up at DE. Kiwanuka can hold his own on one side, but they need an established player on the other.

From what I'm hearing, Strahan could even be out 8 weeks, which means he wouldn't return until the playoffs. Can the injuries get any worse for Big Blue? Actually yes, if Tiki, Eli and Pierce go down - (knock on wood).

Plax and McKenzie should be back Sunday, which will be a big boost for the offense. But if none of the injured starting defenders return, we'll be in trouble, even against Rex Grossman.

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