Nov 2, 2006


  1. Derek Jeter will be named AL MVP!
  2. The Angels and Mariners are NOT interested in Daisuke Matsuzaka.
  3. A Scott Rolen for Arod trade could happen.
  4. Cleveland, San Francisco and Houston are interested in trading for Sheffield

1. Awesome to hear about Jeter. He deserves it. One more notch on his list of achievements. I remember about 5 years ago when people would say how Arod and Nomar were so much better than Jeter. Nothing like that anymore, not to mention he's the only one sitll playing SS.

2. Also good to hear. The less teams in the bidding, the less the posting bid and contract will be. (Of course, the Angels and M's could be leaking this stuff on purpose to get the Yankees to lower their bid as well - thereby getting Matsuzaka for cheaper.)

3. I would never do Arod for Rolen. Arod is still a better hitter and has less injury concerns than Rolen. Rolen does have a better glove though, and I would do it if St. Louis included a good, young pitcher.

4. It would be great to get someone like Jeremy Sowers for Sheff, but I doubt Cleveland would do that. Lidge and a prospect I'd take. And would SF give us Matt Cain for Sheff and some combo of Clippard/Gardner/Duncan/Garcia/Cox?...

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